A digital politico disaster

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I’ve just got off the phone from a friend of mine who runs the back end to digitalpolitico.net. Yesterday we realised that the site had dropped off the face of the Earth. Today, after many hours of chasing the company that supplies the server, my friend was told that the server he rents had been deleted and back up made…of the new blank, server.

This means that to all intents and purposes the data has gone. Poof. 1000 posts and years of work gone in an instant. As you can imagine, I’m pretty upset.

I’m not entirely sure what is going to happen, but for the moment it looks like digital politico is dead. I have this WordPress site, so I’m going to keep blogging here for the moment, and posting articles I contribute elsewhere.

I guess all that is left to say is thanks to those who read, commented, shared, and critercised Digital Politico.

The greatest on Twitter

Legendary boxer Mohammad Ali has joined Twitter. He had a handle already, but now he will be using it himself, personally tweeting for his fans. Given his multiple catchphrases I’m sure he will be a knockout on the social network, and hope his proper presence on Twitter brings Ali to a whole new generation of fans.

The Wall: Muhammad Ali joins the rumble on Twitter

Bringing SXSE back

I went to the first SXSE London, the only charitable digital and tech festival in London. I really enjoyed the first event, it was well organised, fun, and informative, but now it’s got really big, and will take over two rooms at 93 Feet East on the 29th November. I was then extremely flattered when founder Ben Stockman asked me to speak on a politics panel at this years event, and of course said yes.

I’ve had a look at the whole line up at some of the stuff they have got planned is amazing – so anyone keen on getting more involved in the London tech scene should book a ticket and coming along. You can check out the timetable and get more info here.

Also, there are bands and comedians playing in the evening too if you’re not interested in the geeky stuff and/or want a Friday night with some interesting people. Tickets here.

Buffer save hack embarrassment through transparency

Social scheduling software Buffer got hacked over the weekend. Such occasions have often led to PR disaster for brands, as they fail to use social media and other channels to properly to communicate with clients. On this occasion the opposite happened, and Buffer were brilliant. Indeed they even got people saying that their response to the problem meant they were using the service for the first time or going premium!

I look at how Buffer communicate well to save itself embarrassment for The Wall.

Is Angela Ahrendts Apple’s most significant recent hire?

burbyapple2When Angela Ahrents was hired by Apple to be its senior VP of retail and online stores a lot of people where shocked. Why would a clearly ambitious businesswoman to move from being CEO to being a senior VP? I think it shows the power Apple has – it is becoming the ultimate consumer brand to work for.  I also believe that if Ahrendts is given the freedom to work her magic, she could become one of the most significant hires to the company of recent time.

My column for the MacObserver on Angela Ahrendts.

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